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My dick hurts

2007-11-20 02:28:01 by JoPiss

So I was gettin my dick sucked by an interdenominational worm hole caused by a rip in the space-time continuum and I noticed a flake of hair particles laying on the floor floating just above sea level. I leaned in to investigate this phenomenon to find that I was in fact, on a pirate ship being surrounded by Will Smith clones. Surely enough, I sprung into action in order to better all of man kind.

Although I failed in taking out the more advanced organisms, I was able to escape to a near by peace of ROFL scattered on the cement next to the rotting carcass of a fallen rat warrior. I knew what I had to do, as I turned around to hold my sword up high and chant the words of my fellow warriors. I had to fight, fight the biggest of the big, the strongest of the strong, that is, after I took out Dr. Drea. I raised my head to the sharp piercing sight of the lights above me, then to the gazing eyes of my opponent. He stood two story high, but I was ready, I had do to get the first Xbox360 if it killed me. After weeks of waiting, I was finally in line, and only moments away from receiving the ultimate gift. I held out my hands, only to find a large rubber ball to fall in my grasp. It took me by surprise, but the game was set and I had to pull through.
My mouth tasted gamy as I looked down at the stone within my grasp, then at my goal, and one more at my opponents. I grasped hard enough to beak it, but her scream escaped into the air, it caught me by surprise, but I agilely escaped being taken by my biggest fear. That wasn't about to stop me though, his laugh was sickening, but it made me happy, I was ready to fuck her in the ass without second though. She clenched the dagger tightly, thrusting it into my body like a fiery knife through butter. I wasn't about to be taken by him though, his face was dastardly, but all I could do at that time was run, and I did. That's when the floor boards fell from the sky and landed in the sand above me, I scooped up the remaining body parts and stowed them in a small cup Alfonzo had fashioned out of whole while he was still alive. Having done this, I ran out of supplies and had to run across the palace in order to retrieve more money, I was a long paroless journy, but that was the price I would have to pay in order to remain in the human world. I wanted to continue, but I coughed up too much blood, I was useless, and I knew it. That's where I found the socket wrench, and pound the living shit out of my dick.


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2007-11-20 02:29:12

ROFL my COPTER I think I just jizzed on my own dick. Amazing