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Butt sex

2008-01-21 17:25:21 by JoPiss

So as it turns out, butt sex is no longer considered a verb in Utah, but is now a stand-alone suffix.
Like in the term; It was like a butt sex, or, It wasn't butt sex enough.
I for one like this new law, even though it limits me from ever asking my girl friend (I'm working on that detail too) if she'd be up for it. The city council said it would help prevent early pregnancies, but theres like three flaws I can think of off the bat why that's not true.
I mean, for one, it's the butt. If we all had butt sex then there'd be less teen pregnancies. And why does out lawing the verb term help? It's not like that'll change anything. Not to mention if we had less butt sex, then we'd have more vag sex... you get it right?
Any way, that's just my thought on the subject.


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2008-03-14 05:28:56

Butt sex is not a verb.

JoPiss responds:

haha who gives a shit?!