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You guys kill me!

2008-03-20 00:58:43 by JoPiss

I can't believe I got nine (a few were spam shit things) comments from illiterate waste band jackasses who obviously don't even know how to read a whole damn paragraph on a page run by a fourteen year old with no flash! You guys are hysterical!
If you're about to shit yourself while reading this due to the fact that you sat on your fat stinky nerd ass and read about 2 lines of a fictional rant of this site's owner, it's probably due to the fact you neglected to finish what you started. Go back and read the last sentence and quit your girly bitching already!


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2008-03-20 01:03:08

am i the only one who read the whole damn thing lol

JoPiss responds:

haha, these NG goers aren't too bright :D


2008-03-20 01:20:32

Nope, I read the whole thing as well.

Anyway, I don't read much of Tom's or any of the Staff's comments. Actually, I don't really come across them much unless I go looking for them.

So you're really 14? Just to watch the good stuff? Way to go! My profile says I'm 20. I'm glad I don't have to lie about my age. :)
BTW: Have you played the Frank's Adventure series? That stuff is the bomb!



2008-03-20 01:59:29

Read it, therefore, I'm proud. ^_^